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About Kat Mulingtapang – Me!

So, I once read the following blurb about me in a recently published online article:

“A Business and Marketing graduate, an Events Coordinator, and a Hygienist who fell into the coffee industry by accident. She has worked as a coffee trader for one of the world’s largest coffee importers, tasting and grading organic and specialty coffees from all around the world. She further honed her expertise in “cupping” by evaluating several cups of coffees from different lots and countries, daily. She is a licensed Q Grader, as certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and is responsible for grading Philippine coffees that made the grade internationally. Kat can describe coffee with candy-like notes, pick out grassy tones/earthy tones, and even compare it to the most obscure and intriguing flavors difficult for the average palate to decipher let alone articulate”.

Whoa (I said to myself). It was really nice to see that coffee cuppers were peaking the interest of those outside of the industry. It was beyond the article about my career. My hope is always to further educate the consumer and give the producer a fair chance at succeeding. Allowing the industry to thrive from “seed to cup”.

I have been in the coffee industry since 2001. Holding several positions beginning with answering the phones at a local roastery; traveling to different states to sell roasted coffees; then onto overseeing a cupping lab; and eventually buying and selling green coffees. I have sat on the Board of Directors for the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) as a Chair and Committee Member for 7 years. There I was responsible for implementing chapters in coffee producing countries (specializing in the Pacific and Asian regions). What I loved the most about that part of my career was being able to sit side-by-side with my clients and walk through their dreams and visions of success for their business and cultivating that path to success.

How can I be so lucky? I merely asked for a little bit of guidance and a bit of inspiration to be able to make a tiny difference in the world and here I am surrounded by amazing, strong, life-changing, inspiring, & humbling individuals.

Who am I to make a difference?! … A woman with a greater purpose beyond her own understanding.

Who am I to demand a positive outcome?! … A woman who knows: that great things, in all circumstances, are possible.

Who am I to seek out those who inspire me to be a better person?! … A woman who understands that to know how to lead, you must first learn how to serve.

Thank you, Lord, for igniting this flame from within.

Kat Mulingtapang: Licensed Q Grader; Instructor Development Program (IDP) and Lead Instructor Certified; Coffee Roaster & Coffee Advocate