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What started it? A dream? A need? Or a desire?

Regardless of what it is, starting a new business breathes a vision into us. Unexplainably causing us to put our vision into action! Even if we have no idea what we’re doing, we just start “doing it” – making it happen.

That’s where MyShare LLC comes in. MyShare is an ambitious innovative new company that is attempting to turn the small business consulting industry upside down. We’re a bit different than the other firms. We’re not just about getting your business up and running, but we want to partner with you in discovering what your share is in the bigger picture of it all. MyShare specializes in business formation in the coffee industry, but we are not limited to it. Whether you are wanting to create a local business or extend a bit for a more global reach, we can help.

We will take you through the proper steps of starting your business or nonprofit while helping you avoid the common and sometimes costly mistakes of not knowing how. We can help create a client-centric atmosphere within your organization, helping you establish the lifeline of your new business from the very beginning.

Think of it like this, if we were going to travel somewhere for the first time and had no idea how to get there, would we just start driving? Of course, not! We’d probably punch the destination into our navigation system, then GO! Well, starting a new business should be treated in the same manner. Let’s cast the vision, determine what the ultimate goal, purpose, or destination would be, then plan out how we’d get there.

Bottom lines, understanding profit and loss, and creating the perfect working systems are just the beginning of it. Together, we can map out your vision, create a step-by-step plan for how to achieve your goals, and create an effective and motivated company.

Business Set-Up

Why Does Your Company Need MyShare LLC? We assist with creating or streamlining your Chart of Accounts placing it into a General Ledger ensuring the best structure for your accounting system We review your Profit & Loss monthly to decrease your expenses and increase your profitability We work with all departments creating cohesiveness and positive […]

Coffee Consulting

Being a consultant is an opportunity to teach and learn through discussion and experience. Being a coffee consultant means that I am able to train people and help them grow into their coffee business, initiative, or cupping experience. Coffee Cupping is a fun and highly interactive way to discover coffee. A “coffee cupping” is the […]

Non-Profit Set-Up

Are you ready to turn your passion into your day job?! Whether you are personally affected by a specific cause, or you have a passion for it – most likely, you are drawn to the idea of starting a nonprofit because you want to make a difference. You would think that with growing businesses and […]